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meter angstrom
astronomical unit bolt
caliber centimeter
chain cubit (Biblical)
decimeter dekameter
ell fathom
fermi fingerbreadth (Biblical)
foot foot (US survey)
furlong hand
handbreadth (Biblical) hectometer
inch kilometer
kiloparsec league
light year link
long cubit (Biblical) long reed (Biblical)
megaparsec microinch
micrometer micromicron
micron mil
mile mile (statute)
mile (US survey) millimeter
nail nanometer
nautical mile pace
parsec perch
pica point
pole reed (Biblical)
rod rope
span (Biblical) vara
yard Li (Chinese)
Yin (Chinese) Zhang (Chinese)
Chi (Chinese) Cun (Chinese)
Fen (Chinese) Li (Chinese)
Hao (Chinese)
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