Volume or Capacity

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m^3 acre-ft (US survey)
acre-ft bath (Biblical)
barrel (fluid) barrel (dry)
bbl-cp/(psi-day) board-ft
bushel cab (Biblical)
centiliter centimeter3
cor (Biblical) cord
cubem cup
deciliter decistere
dekaliter dekastere
drop foot3
gallon (Canadian) gallon (UK)
gallon (US dry) gallon (US liquid)
gill (UK) gill (US)
hectoliter hin (Biblical)
homer (Biblical) inch3
kiloliter liter
log (Biblical) md-ft
milliliter ounce (UK fluid)
ounce (US fluid) peck
pint (dry) pint (liquid)
quart (UK) quart (US dry)
quart (US liquid) stere
tablespoon teaspoon
ton (register) yard3
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