Volume (Capacity) & Height for Tubing, Hole or Casing

The fractions of inches can be combined with integers in the input fields. For example, 6-1/2" (6.5") can be typed in as 6+1/2 (notice the "+" sign). The results fields also take expressions. e.g. if the "barrels per lineal foot" shows 0.12345, you can use the mouse or arrow keys to go to the end of the number and add *100 and then press the tab key to get the barrels for that 100 ft of pipe.

Diamter of Hole
or ID of Casing
Outside Diameter
of tubing
Number of
Tubing Strings
Barrels per lineal foot
Lineal feet per barrel
Cubic feet per lineal foot
Lineal feet per cubic foot
Gallons per lineal foot
Lineal feet per gallon

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